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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Photo Diary: Green Eve Gets Graffitied!

Last week, while working on the Jabal Amman photo diary, we went to the British Council parking lot, located in the heart of the area. As a way to promote art and upcoming Jordanian talent, the British Council opens up the lot every Friday for those who wish to spread their art on the walls through graffiti. To our luck, we found a few of Jordan's best graffiti artists working on a few pieces, so we got to see them work their magic. What was even more exciting was that one of the artists knew my cousin Basma and was kind enough to offer to graffiti the Green Eve logo. Wize One, a leading Jordanian graffiti artist, noticed the Green Eve logo plate as we were taking pictures of it against the colourful art-filled walls, and he was amazing enough to suggest we get it graffitied! I had the biggest smile on my face as I saw the colourful take on the Green Eve logo come to life. It would've been PERFECT though if the spray paint that was used was eco-friendly. I'll leave you now to enjoy the pictures below:

Big thanks to Wesam Shadid (Wize One), Suhaib Attar, Emsallam and the rest of the crew for the wonderful work  and for their lovely spirit! And of course, as I mentioned in the previous post, my sister Hala and Bassoum, my photo diary buddies!

Anoud x


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