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Sunday, 2 September 2012

UN-HABITAT - I'm a City Changer!

Today was the start of the UN-HABITAT's 6th World Urban Forum (WUF), the world's first multilateral conference exploring urban issues, so I thought this post is appropriate. FYI: Established by the United Nations, WUF examines the impact of rapid urbanisation on the world's communities. The UN, along with the conference's participants, aim to find ways to achieve environmentally-friendly and sustainable urban growth and development through this yearly meeting. The WUF also attempts to improve to eradicate urban slums and improve the conditions of poverty-stricken city dwellers through improving their access to basic facilities.

So, in honour of UN-HABITAT's effort, whom I had the amazing opportunity to intern with this summer, I thought I'd shed light on their amazing campaign: I'm a City Changer. I'm a City Changer is a worldwide campaign that seeks to raise awareness among citizens on urban issues in hopes of achieving better cities. Through sharing and spreading individual, corporate and public initiatives that improve our cities, I'm a City Changer is a global movement.

The campaign works to achieve sustainable urban development in cities worldwide through six key components. These main components are:
1. A Resilient City
2. A Green City
3. A Safe and Healthy City
4. An Inclusive City
5. A Planned City
6. A Productive City

Find out more about each component here.

Through the campaign's website, you are able to read and view stories from all around the world about initiatives undertaken by individuals and corporations that aim improve their own city. Click to read about the various city-enhancing initiatives here, and of course don't forget that you yourself can share your own story as well! You can find out more on how to do that here.

How great is this campaign? And how cute is the video? Love it!

Be sure to like UN-HABITAT on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news and events and follow them on Twitter while you're at it!

Anoud x

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