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Friday, 17 August 2012

Photo Diary: Green Eve Around Jabal Amman

This afternoon, I dragged my sister Hala & cousin Basma (who you've been introduced to in this post) to some of my favourite areas in Amman. Ever since I've seen the recycled Green Eve plate that Basma did, I have been wanting to do this photo diary. We went to Jabal Amman, one of the older areas of the city, and took photos of places and scenes while incorporating the Green Eve plate in the shots. I absolutely love old Amman; I love the atmosphere, the people , the architecture and the beautiful sloped hills & white old houses. I always tell my parents I wish we lived there. I feel like life there is much more animated and people are friendlier and happier than in the more modern parts of Amman. But enough of me talking, I'll leave you all to check out the photos below:

Later on during the day, the most spontaneous and random thing happened. Long story short, the Green Eve logo got grafittied (I know it's not so eco-friendly, but the artist was already working on a project and was kind enough to offer to get it done, so it was really hard to say no!). Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a few more days till the pictures are up, because they deserve a post of their own. But here's a little preview below:

Be sure to stay tuned for that! Hope you all enjoyed this photo diary... It is surely one of my favourites ever! Big thanks to Hala for modelling and for driving me around, and to Basma for a) making the GE plate and b) for modelling and to both of course for helping out and tolerating the heat and my bossiness on a hot Ramadan afternoon. Oh and I must thank Abood, the lovely kid and his bird who so lovingly posed for us, and his mother of course who was wonderful enough to let us! 

Much love and Eid Mubarak to all,

Anoud xx


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