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Monday, 3 January 2011

Beautiful Creatures: The Blue Whale


One dream of mine is to see a whale in person, or to be more specific, it is to see the biggest animal to ever exist: a Blue Whale. There's this mystery about it & its size and might fascinates me.

Back in the day, not so very long ago, 300,000 Blue Whales roamed the oceans. Now, however, less than 3% of that number remains due to globalisation and its grave effects on marine life! This makes it very difficult for my dream to be realised :( 

According to the Save the Whales organisation, there are things that you can do everyday that can contribute to conserving not only whales, but all other marine mammals. 
Their tips include:
  • Never release balloons outside.
  • Buy Albacore tuna, the only dolphin safe tuna.
  • Prevent Urban Runoff - keep your car maintained.
  • Write letters to government officials.
  • Cut up six-pac rings before discarding them.
  • Participate in beach clean ups. 

Check out the video below of a Blue Whale:

How captivating is this creature?



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