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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lolong: The 21-Foot Giant Crocodile

After a three-week hunt, one of the largest crocodiles known in recent history has been caught alive in the Philippines. The giant Saltwater Crocodile is allegedly 21 foot-long (6.4 m), and weighs 2,369 pounds, that’s a little over a ton! The crocodile’s name is Lolong, and it is currently being held in a temporary enclosure in Consuelo, a village in the Philippines. It is yet to be confirmed by the federal wildlife official whether Lolong is the largest crocodile ever captured. 

According to the Philippine Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources Ramon Paje, the reptile was captured because it posed a ‘threat’ to the community and adds that the presence of such animals emphasises the need to protect the country’s habitats. Lolong is expected to become the star attraction of an eco-tourism park in the area. For more information, watch the video below.

It surely is commendable that they kept this one-of-a-kind reptile alive. However, it still bothers me that they could not leave it to live peacefully in its natural habitat. But then again, according to some villagers, it is believed that Lolong has killed at least two people, so perhaps this is the best solution.

As the late Steve Irwin would say: CRIKEY! 

Anoud x


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