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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Art Spotlight: Debra Hurd's City Scenes Paintings

Last night I came across a breathtaking photograph by Mark Whitt of Amman with a spectacular view of the city's famous Hill of the Citadel. I was so inspired by the photo that this morning (plus my internship work today is rather slow), I began searching and browsing the web for pictures of cityscapes and skylines. I've always loved cities and was fascinated by them. But now that I am studying urban planning I understand what it really takes to make cities tick, what it takes to make them these hubs of life, culture and development (sustainable) that they are. And with that I have developed a great passion and admiration for cities and what defines them. So naturally my search went on enjoyably for hours, as I was plastered to my computer screen with wide eyes of fascination at the pictures that I was viewing. My search led me onto a new dimension of capturing the beauty of a city, and that is cityscape art; that's when I discovered Debra Hurd's beautiful oil paintings of vivid city scenes.

Debra works with oils and uses a knife to achieve the dramatic and bold colours and textures that her paintings are knows for. She explains: "A very ordinary scene can be perceived differently when painted with a bit of exaggerated color and awareness of light. The ordinary then becomes the extraordinary. Color is critical. When I'm asked which color is my favorite, I tend to think in terms of which two or three colors I like in combination."

Here are my favourite Debra Hurd city-related paintings:

Music to the eyes, no?

Be sure to visit Debra's website here, and her blog here as well to find out more about the artist and view more of her beautiful art. She is known for her depictions of jazz, rock and blues musicians, so you must check out those paintings!

Anoud x


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