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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Eco-Friendly Jewellery: Alkemie

If you know me personally then you surely know that I am a self-confessed jewellery addict. I love unique, intricate and daring pieces and I think that jewellery in general is a great way to express yourself. Early this morning I was browsing through shopbob's jewellery section (I love that you can sort items by "Earth Friendly"), and I came across the brand Alkemie. Alkemie is an eco-friendly jewellery line created by husband and wife Dara Gerson & Ashley Lowengrub. The entire Alkemie collection is handmade in Los Angeles and is forged from 100% reclaimed metals. Also, the leather used is sourced from sustainable cattle farmers and is dyed with eco-friendly dye. I have to say, browsing through their collection online, I felt like a kid in a candy store. The pieces are simply beautiful, and the fact that they are made carefully with sustainability in mind makes them that much more amazing!

Here's a little about the brand's philosophy, as stated in their website:

Dara Gerson & Ashley Lowengrub found their way to creating jewelry that is both beautiful & socially responsible because of their love of mother nature and the amazing planet we live on. Drawing inspiration and motivation from their daily lives, their love for culture and the planet as well as their strong beliefs todo no harm, Dara and Ashley Lowengrub are true pioneers.

Prior to starting Alkemie, each had successful jewelry lines working with traditional metals. Years of experience in the jewelry industry had made Dara and Ashley weary of the toxic working conditions and environmental impacts of the gem and fine metal industries- until one day they decided it was something they could no longer continue to support. After learning more about the harmful social and environmental effects of mining, they sought out local eco-friendly materials.

Thus Alkemie Jewelry was born- a brand that would immediately pioneer and change the jewelry industry with its social and environmentally responsible practices. Alkemie Jewelry has earned a devoted international following based not only on the originality of their designs, but their leadership as a socially and environmentally progressive company. All designs are made of 100% reclaimed metal & manufactured by hand in downtown Los Angeles, California. 

Alkemie promotes fair trade, local living wage and eco-sustainable business practices to combat the existing harmful effects and conditions of the metal and gemstone industry; including social issues such as children working in dangerous conditions to mine and mount stones, as well as environmental issues, like toxic chemicals from mines seeping into the surrounding land and severely damaging precious watersheds.

Dara and Ashley’s motivation to live environmentally and socially conscious really comes from exemplifying responsibility to their daughters. One of the major motivations of Alkemie Jewelry is to present an example for future generations.

It's impossible to choose one particular favourite item, but Alkemie's bangles are definitely my favourite, so are their rings, cuffs, earrings and pretty much everything!

Alkemie's bangles. Amazing, huh?

This still gets better... Alkemie, as a sustainable company, believes in the importance of supporting practices and causes they believe in through chairy. And so, by pruchasing a piece of their jewellery, you will contribute to their charitable acts, as each month a portion of the company's online sales are donated to a charity they support. This month, Alkemie is donating 5% to the Seva Foundation: a non-profit organisation that "provides financial resources and technical expertise to help communities build sustainable solution to poverty and disease".

How amazing? Just perfect! Unique and beautifully crafted jewellery pieces that are eco-friendly and support charities that aim to create a more sustainable world for all. Literally guilt-free shopping!

Here are a few places where you can get your hands on some of Alkemie's unique pieces:
Alkemie's website

P.S. check out their men's collection here and be sure to check them out on Facebook here!

Anoud x

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