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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Green Idea: Water Bottle Light Bulbs

Last year in Nairobi, Kenya a simple idea using a plastic bottle, water & bleach transformed the lives of many of the city's impoverished communities. It all started in Korogocho, when Mateo Magalasia stumbled upon a YouTube video that demonstrated the use of the water light bulb technology in Brazil. The technology uses water and bleach in a plastic bottle to refract sunlight and moonlight, providing light equivalent to a 55-Watt light bulb!

Members of the youth group Koch Hope installed the water light bulbs throughout various households in Korogocho, allowing many families to finally enjoy adequate light to carry out many day-to-day activities and, most importantly, save energy. Veronica Wanjiru, a resident who has a water bulb installed in her home said: "I've seen a big difference, especially with my children's education. If they're given homework, they can finish it on time. And they don't have to wait for me to come and light the candle or go outside and do their studies outside so that they can finish their homework."

Watch the videos below to see how the water light bulb works, and hear from residents of Korogocho on how this technology has improved their lives:

What a great, sustainable way of providing light for those in need. It's amazing to see that such a simple idea can have a great and lasting impact!

Anoud x


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