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Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Dose of Inspiration: Wildlife Photography

It is a known fact that I am an eternal inspiration-seeker, always on the hunt for something to nurture my imagination. I love animals, and watching wildlife videos and shows is, to me, one of life's greatest pleasures. Watching National Geographic on my laptop while snuggled in blankets on a cold rainy day is the best! So for today's post I thought: what better DoI than some of the most amazing wildlife photography?

When it comes to photographing animals, it can be very challenging to capture the perfect moment. That is why, when looking at some of the photos below, you will be fascinated to see how captivating and perfect the moment captured is. So here are some of my favourite wildlife snaps, enjoy!

Photographer: Andy Rouse, Rex Features.
Photographer: Rina Caffarella.
Photographer: Antero Topp, HBW/Rex
Photographer: Leighann Perron, My Shot.
Photographer: Andy Rouse, Rex Features.
Photographer: Lesley Bender.
Photographer: Oliver Klink.
Photographer: Gina Pflegervu, My Shot.
Photographer: Michael Aw.

Hope these photos intrigued your thoughts and sparked your imagination on this rather dull Sunday morning.

Anoud x

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