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Monday, 5 September 2011

A Sassy Tribute

Today I decided to introduce the world to someone very special and dear to me. This someone is a cat, my cat: Sassy. So here's a little tribute post to my fluffy friend.

Sassy is a beautiful pedigree Seal Point Siamese Cat with the most gorgeous blue eyes. She was born on June 25, 2002 & I got her back when I was living in Dubai, when she was only a couple of months old. She's was born in Siam (Thailand), grew up in Dubai where she met her first two husbands: Chico & Gucci, and is now living in Jordan. She had 3 little kitties with Chico and 4 with Gucci; they were the cutest things ever! I've had so many cats growing up, at least 4, and Sassy is hands down the one I love the most. She is different. Really, she's a part of our family (she's in our official family picture). I love her to bits. She can be a bit stuck up at times, but she has an amazing temperament. She loves meeting new people, hates kids & loves getting groomed and dolled up. And guess what? Sassy is green! Yes, she is a vegetarian. As shocking as this may seem, Sassy does not eat meat, not even fish! The only thing she eats is cat biscuits, Meow-Mix to be more specific, which is usually chicken/beef flavoured. I'd like to believe that's what makes her so healthy. Sadly, a couple of years ago, I developed a cat allergy, and whenever Sassy would come close to my eyes, they would turn red and double in size. However, that has never stopped me, nor will it ever stop me from loving her :).

Here are some of her best pictures and a video of her dancing to a Snoop Dogg song:

Yup, she's tech savvy & has her own FB, Twitter & likes to browse the net.

She's on my lap now, curiously watching me type this out. I'm sure she's pleased :)

Anoud xx


1 comment:

Salamander said...

I love love love and MISS Sassy!!! Give her a biiig hug and smooch for me :)

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