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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ford's Electric Gullwing EVOS Concept

Ford has outdone itself with this one!

The company has just leaked photos of its EVOS Concept: plug-in hybrid with four gullwing doors and a beautiful slick design. Ford will be using this concept to launch a new design direction for all their future models.

Love the LED headlamps!
The 2013 Ford Fusion is the first car model to get the EVOS make-over. It will be displayed in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show in a few months. The car is surely a beauty, with a strong resemblance to the Aston Martin. Ford has surely nailed it with this design, as it is modern, efficient and appealing. 

Notice how the driver's seat is a different colour than all the others.

Love a beautifully and carefully designed hybrid car! Couldn't ask for better.

Anoud x


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