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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Green Tip of the Day

Ok a quick post before class: Green tip of the Day! This post will be a regular daily tip on how to become green/greener :)


Ditch the paper bills! Nearly all shops and supermarkets here in the UK ask if you require a bill, simply say no if you really don't need it and are going to stuff it somewhere in your wallet! Not only do paperless bills SAVE TREES, but they also save you the clutter! And what's even better is that some companies offer discounts for paying your bills online, saving you money while encouraging you to help save Our Planet in the simplest of ways :)

Hope you consider the environment the next time you pay your bills ;)


Green Eve


Anonymous said...

nice tip! i already started doing it to save some trees :D

keep it up..

love the blog


Green Eve said...

Awww thank you H! Glad you started applying it :) xx

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