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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Favourite Green Person of the Week

This feature will be a weekly regular post in which we introduce to you a favourite green individual of ours.

This week, the person is Yann Arthus Bertrand, a French photographer, journalist, and environmentalist. Bertrand is best known for his beautiful aerial photography.

After a growing interest in conserving the environment and controlling climate change, Bertrand founded the Action Carbone, a non-profit program whose slogan is "Calculate, reduce and offset your CO2 emissions".

His interest started after finding out the negative impact that his helicopter travels had on the environment.  And now, Bertrand, to compensate for this, finances organisations and causes that promote renewable energies and encourage reforestation in aims of reducing the impact of climate change.

Below are a few of Green Eve's favourite Bertrand aerial photography:

Bertrand's aerial photo of New Caledonia, France

Aerial image of Los Angeles.
Another Bertrand photo of New York from top.

Bertrand also developed an interest in the photography of animals, especially cats and dogs, alongside their owners.

Notice the resemblance?

Not only is his work beautiful and captivating, but what makes it even more meaningful and awe-inspiring is the eco-conscious person behind the lens!

If only we all had a little of Mr. Bertrand in us!

With love,

Green Eve!

P.S: Don't be mean, think green ;)

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Anonymous said...

interesting choice of photos ! france <3

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, that aerial image of los angeles !!! wow.. ;)

Green Eve said...

Thanks guy! Yes, his photography is absolutely breath-taking. You should check out his website xx

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