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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Green Eve Appreciates


Eco-bags are just amazing...  they are practical, spacious, stylish, they make a statement, and most importantly, are eco-friendly :) Whether you're using them for groceries, uni (for books), or for shopping, they come in different shapes, sizes, designs, material, and sizes, you name it!

Eco-bags can be found in mega stores or big supermarkets in most countries, like ASDA in the UK, Cozmo in Amman, and Spinneys in Dubai. Their purpose is to reduce the use of plastic bags - which are harmful to the environment. But eco-bags can serve many other purposes. I, for one, always keep some in my luggage incase my bag is over weight (which is almost always the case). What's nice about them is that they can be folded and placed neatly in your handbag for later use, like if you are at the library and need to take out a lot of books or if you are out shopping.

Why are plastic bags hazardous?

1. They are made of petrochemicals, which are non-renewable resources.
2. They represent a hazard to wildlife.
3. They can cause damage to people: they decrease sperm levels (Adams beware :p), they act as a neurotoxin, and the litter of plastic bags creates a breeding area of malaria.
4. They are visual pollution: they stay in the environment between 500-1,000 years.
5. It is estimated that one million are used every minute. In the UK, over 13 billion are used per year, and 8 billion of them end up in the landfill.
6. Only 1% of plastic bags are recycled worldwide :(

Did you know that every plastic item that was ever made is still in existence???

Here are a few of our favorite eco-bags, ranging from less than 5 pounds up to around 300 pounds in price:

This is perhaps the most famous of all eco-bags, as celebrities have once made it an 'it' bag! This bag retails in the UK for £5.

The Prada B.Y.O bag, retails for about £180.

This is the 'Flea Bag'. "It was originally designed for the flea market, hence the name, intended to fit all your purchases while shopping. It is not vegan, but the leather uses vegetable dye. The canvas is all organic hemp and cotton, and the ink on the print is water based. There is nothing toxic, and it is handmade in New York." This bag is stylish enough to be used for the beach during summer, or for any other outing or purpose! Retails for about £260, yes that's a lot for an eco-bag but hey, it's justifiable!!!

 Finally, this right here is the ASDA bag that we, the Green Eve, use! It is a PP (polypropylene) Woven Bag sold at ASDA for £2 each!!. It fits up to 15Kgs and is very practical and spacious! WE LOVE!

Don't forget to pick up your eco-bags ASAP! There are plenty to choose from, so pick whichever suits you.
Here is a website that can help you choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours of eco-bags:


Green Eve <3

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