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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Our very first post

Ok here goes... This is our very first post! To start with, here's a brief introduction about Green Eve: Green Eve was started by us (Anoud & Alyazia) as a way to share our daily experiences and express our views on everything and anything but with a green prespective.

A little info about us: We are Anoud Al-Fawwaz and Alyazia Sabra; two girls who happened to meet a couple of months ago during our first year of university and later discovered the many friends and interests that we both coincidently shared. We are both living in Manchester UK and are studying at the University of Manchester. Anoud is studying Urban Planning (or as the British like to call it, Town and Country planning) and Alyazia is studying Environmental Management.

We believe that a female (eve) should be intellectual, broad-minded, tasteful & environmentally conscious. A modern day 'green eve' is a responsible member of the society that knows how to enjoy life and all it has to offer but through a green and eco-friendly mindset. Oh and this doesn't just apply to eves, adams are included as well :p . Everyone in the society must understand their obligation towards our Planet. It has so much beauty to offer us so why can't we do the simplest of things, such as recyling, to give back to it and preserve what is left of it?

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