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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

TED: The Ocean Without Fish?

I have recently begun a routine of watching TED videos before going to sleep at night. Whenever I’m feeling demotivated or low on inspiration, the videos lift my spirits up and my enthusiasm.

So, while lying in bed searching for a video to watch last night, I decided to search for one about the ocean, and I came across this unbelievably insightful video by Sylvia Earle. Sylvia Earle is an American oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer. She has achieved a vast number of accomplishments through her fifty years of experience as a field research scientist and in leading over 50 underwater expeditions worldwide, being named by Time Magazine the first “Hero of the Planet”.

In this video, where she won a TED prize in 2009, Earle discusses, through her findings and her personal experience, changes in the sea that affect all of us. She talks about the importance of protecting our life-support system because Everything on earth is connected and life on earth is organized into a web.

There are 2 main things about this video that made me very intrigued by it. Firstly, Earle’s enthusiasm and passion in her speech was so marked and distinct that she really seizes your attention. My eyes and ears were glued to the screen when watching it because of the authority of the message and how powerful it is. She is a great speaker because once you start listening you cannot stop, very fascinating.

Secondly, there is a great deal to learn from this video, but one thing I learned that I am quite embarrassed to admit I did not know is that most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated by the sea! (Not by trees, which is what I thought) Marine plants – Algae to be precise, produce almost 90% of oxygen in the atmosphere.
Here is an interesting article I read that goes more into depth about this specific topic:

Finally, below watch Sylvia's incredibly educational and expressive presentation, you really feel like you're listening to her heart..

"No WATER, No LIFE. No BLUE, No GREEN." (Sylvia Earle)

Jazi xxx

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