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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lebanon: A Smart Approach to Recycling Waste

I have always been very curious to know what Lebanon is doing in terms of environmental sustainability and if the country is involved in any means of conservation and preservation. This is because I am half Lebanese and although I have lived in Dubai my entire life, I do visit Lebanon almost every summer.

Lebanon is made up of beautiful mountain landscapes, coasts and golden beaches. It is rich in nature and is a feast for the eyes, and so there is much to preserve in this country. This is where my curiosity stems from.

I was very delighted to come across SMART WASTE, which is a non-profit Lebanese association that is devoted to the advancement of environmental matters in an interesting approach, by combining creativity to waste management. The association particularly renders recycled solid waste into useful items, art and objects. So, when the products are at the disposal stage of their value chain, SMART WASTE, through smart and inventive solutions, reconsiders the waste as a raw material to create new and attractive products.
This is what I call Creative Sustainability!

For more information about SMART WASTE and to see the innovative products they have created, you can visit:
Their website:

Very proud to see that my country is taking steps towards preserving it’s environment, for it’s beauty should not be wasted and withered.
Jazi xxx

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