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Friday, 6 May 2011

Green Is Sexy

It surely is!

'green is sexy' is a website started by three friends: Megan, Didi, & Rachel (as in THE beautiful actress Rachel McAdams) who discovered that making a great impact on the environment was as simple as sharing easy tips on how to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. 'Small changes: Big impact.'

'green is sexy' is very useful, informative and fun! The tips are separated into different categories: for your home, out & about, for the girls, for the boys, special occasions, for laughs, on the road, yard & garden, entertaining, workplace, & money savers. Simple, right? There's literally a tip for everyone for whatever interest :)
Make sure you give them a visit, make the most out of the tips, and join their community!

So to conclude, why is green sexy?

'Because being informed is sexy. Being responsible is sexy. Being eco-friendly is sexy. Making a difference is sexy. Green is sexy.'

Keep it sexy xx
Anoud :)


Anonymous said...

And since u r green, u r sexy.
4281 views, its safe to say G.eve is popular.
keep doing what ur doing.
saving planet earth stylishly

Lola said...


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