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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Favourite Green Person of the Week

Natalie Portman

This week's Favourite Green Person is none other than the beautiful Natalie Portman. She's been all over the place lately with her stunning performance in Black Swan which earned her a Golden Globe win for Best Actress, and of course her recent pregnancy and engagement to Benjamin Millepied.

Well what most of you may not know is that Natalie Portman was named Most Eco Friendly Celebrity a few years ago, and she sure lives up to it! In 2008, the actress designed her own vegan creulty-free line of shoes for Té Casan with one hundred percent of the proceeds going to The Nature Conservancy. Her other eco efforts include helping save the gorillas in Rwanda, becoming the face of a low-energy light bulb company, along with being actively involved in groups like Global Green.

So have you guys watched Black Swan yet? If not then be sure you do; it's a very beautifully twisted and unique movie. Natalie's performance in it is just amazing, she is certainly talented and definitely earned that Golden Globe. I'm sure she will also be picking up an Oscar very soon :)




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