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Friday, 14 January 2011


Hey guys! I know we've been a bit lazy these past few days but our holidays have finished and now it's time for exams... We've got a few days to study for our Urban and Environmental Economics and Cities and Society exams so we've been spending our days at the library trying to cover all the material. Obviously we wont be blogging as often but we'll be back as soon as we're done :) xx

Here are a few pics that we took while at the library, enjoy!

The University of Manchester is definitely green and we love it :) This is the coffee that they use!
New favourite water! It gets filled infront of you in the vending machine :)
Love the idea behind it!

Good luck to all those who have finals :)


Green Eve xx


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Anoud. inshAllah you'll do great. <3 Esh. xx

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you & Yazi : )Tiki, love the name... sounds like Triki Triki hehe ; ) mwaah <3 you !

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