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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Favourite Green Person of the Week

Leonardo DiCaprio

He is an amazing actor and a committed environmentalist!

DiCaprio has his own foundation, 'The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation', which is dedicated to supporting efforts to secure a sustainable future for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Leo also started the 'Save Tigers Now' campaign alongside the World Wildlife Fund to shed light on the very few Tigers left in the world and the reasons behind this and on what can be done to double their numbers and save this beautiful animal. Being a big Tiger fan myself, I have been going on and on about the Tiger cause ever since I found out how serious this is... Only about 3,000 Tigers are left in the world and if action is not taken soon then our children and the future genration will only be hearing of Tigers and the sad story of their extinction due to our selfishness. How can we allow this to happen? Thankfully the 2010 Tiger Summit that was held in St. Petersburg in November proved to be very successful by raising a total of about $127 million in new funding to support the cause. DiCaprio alone donated $1 million to stop Tiger poaching after already helping WWF raise $20 million earlier in the year.

Need more reasons to love DiCaprio? Well check out how GREEN the actor is:

1) He opts for commercial flights rather than private jets which use more fuel.
2) He proudly drives a hybrid car, the Toyota Prius, and bikes as well.
3) His house has solar panels.
4) He co-wrote, co-produced and narrated the documentary 'The 11th Hour' about the environment.
5) He bought an island in Belize where he plans to build an eco-friendly resort.
6) He influened Tag Heuer in going green and investing in solar powered watches.
7) He teamed up with Tag Heuer again to promote the fully electric Tesla Roadster Car.

Watch DiCaprio's short movie entitled 'Global Warming' here. Trust me you need to watch this! And also his other short movie entitled 'Water Planet' here.

Also check out his website here.

Seriously, what an amazing individual! Absolutely love and respect him.



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