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Friday, 31 December 2010

An Urban Planning Problem in Amman

A few weeks ago I was writing a paper for my Urban and Environmental Economics class about planning in Amman and the sustainable economy. The research I've done opened my eyes to all the different problems of planning in the city... Urban Planning in Amman isn't that big, and it was not up until recently that it was included in the Jordanian Agenda. However, it is improving but it faces many many challenges that need to be overcome. One very major issue is the contrast between East Amman and West Amman; two areas of total different living standards and appearances. East Amman is the poorer area with crowded dwellings and very basic housing and lifestyle. West Amman, on the other hand, is characterised by elaborate villas and boulevards. Come to think of it, Amman seems more like two different cities! This is where the lack of Urban Planning is apparent. But with new initiatives and plans such as the Amman Plan and the Amman Institute organisation, planning is becoming more and more important with new plans that seem very promising and should be a solution to all these issues facing the city.

Personally, I like the originality and the culture behind East Amman. I really enjoy walks around these areas, and I love the old architecture; it adds authenticity to the buildings. I also appreciate how many businesses are now investing in the area by RENOVATING rather than DESTROYING buildings and finding new exciting purposes for them such as turning them into art galleries or restaurants and cafes. When it comes to West Amman, however, I like the clean streets and organised neighbourhoods. Each area has its cons and pros. That is why a big challenge to the planning system in Amman will be combining both areas into one united city with common standards of living throughout while also preserving the culture and heritage. Of course this is a rather difficult aim that the Urban Planning system tries to achieve and a perfect city is never guaranteed. However, having a plan and working upon it does considerably decrease the issue at hand and helps form a more coherent city.

Here are some pictures for you to judge and see the difference yourselves:

East Amman

West Amman

Did you notice the difference? Doesn't it seem like two different cities? What do you think?

Let's see what all these new plans have in store for Amman and how the city will progress and handle the immense urban growth it's been experiencing in the past decade. For details on all the plans and planning in Amman check out the Amman Institute's website here.

P.S: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope 2011 is a great year for everyone :) enjoy your nights and make sure to add 'becoming green/greener' to your New Year's resolutions. xx





Anonymous said...

wow big difference u got there girl!
miss u!


scott :) said...

this is really good :P West Amman definately looks more modern where as the picture which overviews the east part of the city looks more traditional but a little bit congested and narrow

Green Eve said...

Thank you Scott :) said like a true town planner ;)

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