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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Trapped in London, but with a Green purchase!

If you follow me on twitter then you surely know the horror I've been through these past few days. Basically I've been stuck in London since Friday morning, not knowing when or how I will go back home to Amman. After taking off from Manchester safely and landing in London, the plane remained parked in the runway of Heathrow Airport for 2 hours and a half because of the snow. There was a queue; 20 planes ahead of us! So I missed my connecting flight to Amman as I just sat in the plane and watched the Royal Jordanian take off right before my eyes. How frustrating?

So long story short, I stayed in Heathrow Airport till the next morning, not sleeping for a second, waiting for the next flight out. After 3 cancelled flights, I gave up and left the airport to stay at a family friend's house. But thank God I am now back home :) after 4 days of frustration and disappointments I landed in Amman today around 2 am. It was one adventure I will never forget... Many bad memories but I also got to meet many new amazing people ;) and it also made me appreciate being home with the family and my cat

And, most importantly, I made a 'green' purchase that I am in love with! So practical and it's PINK, yaay!

Below are pictures from my experience and pictures of my purchase (P.S. some pics were taken from my Blackberry so sorry for the poor quality) :

This is a view of Manchester, right after taking off. So sunny and green, love it :)
En route to London; the snow covered regions from top.
Now about my purchase... I was at WHS Smith getting some magazines, I came across the 'ECO-HANDLE': a bag handle with a reusable bag. It comes in many colours such as pink, purple, green, blue, black and it is very practical and useful. The handle opens up from the side and the reusable bag can be taken out from there. What's amazing is that you can add other bags, as the handle can fit up to 3 bags! I love how handy it is, because I can just keep the handle in my bag everyday and not even notice it. This will ensure that I never have to use a plastic/paper bag again. I also LOVE that it comes in many colours :)

The Ecohandle perfectly fits in my bag!

The bag out of the handle and empty.
With a few things inside.

The bag is water repellent, with a very lightweight yet strong fabric!

More randoms from the airport:

When finally on the flight to Amman, I got to hang out with Captain Walid Nazzal in the cockpit. I Enjoyed feeding my curiousity with questions on which button does what, and on how exactly can he know where we're going. It was really scary looking into nothing but pitch darkness and clouds! We also had a very interesting conversation about 'Green Passengers' and on planes' fuel consumption... Will blog about that later :)

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, they were taken from my phone!

So many buttons! Very confusing but Captain Walid made it sound so easy and simple!

Good luck to all those yet to travel, I really hope you're not affected by the horrible snow!





Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing Miss Anoud I enjoyed reading and glad you are back.Enjoy the break

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back home Anoud! I am sure you will be laughing about this in a couple of months. X Noor

Anonymous said...

lol, I'm glad you have it documented ... a once-in-a-lifetime experience (hopefully) !! haha ! Love it xx Hala

Anonymous said...

u got us worried about u alot!
thank god its over n ur back home.
such an ADVENTURE!! :D

Anonymous said...

i likeeee :)

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