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Friday, 17 December 2010

Favourite Eco-Bag: My Bag Cares

My Bag Cares

My favourite eco-bag out there is this amazing 'My Bag Cares' eco-bag. I love it so much because it's very spacious, stylish, and makes a strong statement. What is also amazing about this is that for every 'My Bag Cares' purchased, a tree is planted!!! The bag is only made of natural fibres, 55% linen and 45% untreated cotton.

The bag comes with a little card hanging from it that says 'What does your bag do?', and once you open the card, it reads, 'Well... My bag is RESPONSIBLE. It cleans the earth... it prevents litter... it saves cute little sea animals, it donates to charity, and my bag is easy to use.' How cute?!!

Till now sales of 'My Bag Cares' have planted 17114 trees :)

Here are a few pictures of celebrities with their 'My Bag Cares':

My Bag Cares comes in four different styles that can be seen here. You can also purchase your My Bag Cares from the website for $25 each.

Join their Facebook page here.



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