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Monday, 13 December 2010

Green Tip of the Day

Don't Litter!!!

Maintaining a healthy environment is important for human beings, and it is difficult to do so if we are polluting it. Not only is litter a form of pollution, being visual pollution, but the act of littering itself is unattractive and in turn, makes your country exhibit irresponsibility and lack of concern towards the environment.

Taking care of our environment has to be done by all the citizens of this earth, and not only the municipilaty and their hard workers because it is their "job". It has to be a united effort because this is our duty towards our habitat.

Remember that by littering, you are disrespecting your surroundings and the world we live in.
So, next time think before you throw that gum wrapper or cigarette butt on the floor. It doesn't take much time or much of an effort to walk a few further steps towards the garbage bin. Yes, that wrapper might be the size of your pinky, but small is big when it comes to the environment because every little negative impact matters!

Think GREEN, Think GREAT



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