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Monday, 13 December 2010

A Day in Manchester

I absolutely love Manchester during the holiday season. From the Christmas market and the street decorations, to the wonderful atmosphere, it is so beautiful and people are all out and about despite the extreme cold. Today me and Jazi went to do some last minute shopping before heading back home in a few days (eeek!!), and thankfully I had my camera stashed somewhere in  my bag. We went to Market Street and Piccadilly Gardens, and then decided to check out the 'greenest office building in Manchester' and show it to you all. So here we go:

Ok first off, as we were walking through Market Street, we spotted a little stand with very disturbing pictures of tortured animals and a sign that said 'Sign the Petition'. After asking about the cause and reading about the horrible stories, we immediately signed it. Basically it is a petition to call on the Home Secretary to close down the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) animal testing lab. It is Europe's largest and has 70,000 animals imprisoned with experiments on horses, donkeys and deer. How horrible is it that EVERYDAY 500 animals die inside HLS? So please, if you are living in Manchester,  make sure you head down to Market Street and sign the petition! And for everyone else, please check out their facebook group here. Unfortunately, their online petition has now closed, but do check out the support it got and other animal-related petitions here.

Jazi signing the petition.

And then it was off to the beautiful Piccadilly Gradens:

Street performers on Market Street:

Random person roaming the market, wanted to be photographed :)

And finally, introducing Manchester's greenest building: The Number One First Street

Below is the Number One building, which is part of the 20-acre First Street scheme that is aimed at extending the heart of Manchester city!  The project is going to transform Manchester city centre with modern and GREEN boulevards that cater to residents, employees, and visitors as well.

On June 1, 2010 Manchester City Council relocated to Number One.

The Number One building & behind it home, Parkway Gate :)

The 'Green' Scale, with A being the most green and G being the least. Number one is an excellent B Green :)


With the beautifully lit reindeers in front of Number One.

Alyazia again :)





Anonymous said...

wow ! Beautiful article, and gorgeous photos ... I miss Manchester sooo much, it really is beautiful during the holidays : )
I send my name with you girls to that petition, how horrible !!

Keep up the lovey work.
Love youuuu !


Green Eve said...

Thank you so much Hala :) Glad you've enjoyed the post and we really appreciate your support!


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