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Friday, 19 April 2013

Photo Diary: North Wales - Bodnant Garden & Penrhyn Castle

The UK is a beautiful place, with plenty areas of breathtaking views. I love going around with friends and exploring various sites around the country. This past weekend, the girls and I went on a day visit to North Wales to check out Bodnant Garden and Penrhyn Castle. Unfortunately, despite the relatively warm temperatures, the morning started off with heavy rain while we were at Bodnant Garden. At first we decided to stay at a local traditional tearoom and sipped on warm tea as we heard the wind and rain collaborate in a mighty rainstorm outside. After an hour or so we decided we needed to suck it up and brave the weather. The garden was beautiful! The blossoming flowers of all shades of pink and violet, the blooming trees and the fresh wet grass all made it worth our while. Of course while walking through the beautiful grounds, my umbrella was violently attacked by the wind and eventually collapsed but even that couldn't distract me away from the lovely site. C'est la vie, no?!

Our next stop was Penrhyn Castle. Thankfully, by the time we got there, the rain had stopped and the sun was bright and shining. The wind however was as strong as ever, and we were warned to avoid walking close to the trees. As you'll see in the pictures, the view from the castle was amazing. The green hills, the glimmering lake and the snow covered mountains of Snowdania in the distance were a pleasant sight to witness. Inside the castle, we were even more mesmerised. The glass stained windows, the intricate ceilings, the exquisite bedrooms, kitchen and dining room looked like something out of a 19th-century fairy tale. I tried to take as many snaps of the interior as possible but no picture would do it justice and I was too caught up with the details of the manor that I couldn't take proper images; but I tried my best! 

Enjoy x

Bodnant Garden

Penrhyn Castle

P.S. while at Penrhyn Castle, I thought to myself that this place would make the perfect setting for a horror movie and when I got back and started researching more about its history, I found this blog called "Ghosts of Penrhyn Castle" which got me all excited. Check it out if you're into horror movies and such, interesting stories :-).

Anoud x



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