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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Photo Diary: Sunsets, Concrete & Manchester Through My Window

With the recent extremely confused weather this past month in Manchester - from snow and hail to torrential rain and wind and then to serene clear skies and sunshine - I find myself obsessively capturing the shifting climates. Being the happy snapper that I am, and blessed with an amazing view of Manchester city centre, it really is impossible for me not to immortalise my changing scenery through the handy lens of my iPhone 4. If you follow me on Instagram, or even Twitter, you'll know that I am especially fond of sunset snaps and you're probably tired of seeing them by now. But sunsets really are lovely, specifically the ones in February, where the sun sets later in the day at dusk. But enough of me babbling on about skies and sunsets, I'll let the pictures take over from here. Enjoy!

Snow, snow, snow.

Literally less than an hour after the snow picture above was taken: sunshine and a clear sky!

Living in a snow globe.

Typical Manchester mills in the back. Oh and a lollipop from SED.
This reminded me of the Lion King.

Sunset again.
This was taken a few days ago. I was so tired and was in bed about to snooze away till I saw the sun peeking through and had to take a picture. I was too tired to walk a few steps to the window (yes I know, I'm lazy) and decided to take it from where I was. It somehow worked and I love how it turned out.
Took this about half an hour ago. It was a lovely day today :)
It's incredible how these pictures are all of the same view, yet each one is very different and it all comes down to the weather!

As I said before, all the pictures were taken with an iPhone 4 and most of them were edited using Instagram or Camera+.

Anoud x


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