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Saturday, 7 July 2012

"Sophisticated Sustainability"

I first spotted these watches at Bloomingdale’s in the Dubai Mall, and the key word when it comes to WeWOOD Timepiece watches is “Natural”. These eco-watches first emerged in Florence, Italy and are not made of any synthetic and toxic materials. But what is really so great about them is that for every watch that is bought, one tree is planted and so, you can surely feel that you are making a positive difference in the health of our planet!

When it comes to fashion, people are going to buy the product, whether it is eco-friendly or not because of the design and style. However, WeWood watches are statement pieces, being sophisticated and earth-friendly, having a positive impact in restoring Mother Nature.

Below are a few pieces from the WeWood time pieces Collection: 

For more, visit their website:

Jazi xxx

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