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Friday, 9 December 2011

Change The Way You Think About Food

The world population hit 7 billion a little over a month ago, and by 2050, Earth will be home to another 2 billion individuals. Now, have you ever thought of how we will provide for the continually increasing population with finite resources?

Securing food, a basic need of all human beings, is one of the biggest challenges facing our world. With more and more people depending on our resources, the only way to confront such a challenge is to act immediately and change the way we think of food production. Watch the video below, which is part of the WWF 'Change the Way You Think About Everything' awareness videos, to learn about how much of our resources are used to produce and provide food, and to think about how we can do MORE with LESS. 

We need to double the productivity of farming, invest in urban agriculture and encourage more sustainable ways of food production. We need to change the way we think about food! Learn about sustainable farming here.

P.S. Watch 'Change the Way You Think about your Laptop' here.

Anoud x

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