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Thursday, 21 July 2011

OAT Shoes: 100% Biodegradable!

Creating and innovating 100% biodegradable products is becoming more and more possible! 

In my last post, I blogged about Puma's new fully bidegradable shopping bags, and now it's time to introduce you to the Amsterdam-based label: OAT Shoes. OAT Shoes are not only stylish & comfortable, they are also 100% biodegradable! Yes, biodegradable sneakers!!!

Christiaan Maats, founder of OAT Shoes, took on the challenge of designing & producing decomposable footwear as part of his product design graduation project. Two years of development later, OAT Shoes introduced prototypes of its Virgin Collection. The fantastic collection includes brilliant sneakers made from 'hemp canvas, bio-cotton, cork and certified biodegradable plastic'.

Now, here's the cool part: once you've worn them out or had enough of them (which won't happen anytime soon after you purchase them I'm sure) a pair of Oats can literally be buried in your garden or thrown in a compost pile. The shoes are not just sustainable & practical, they actually look good & are very stylish & easy to wear. I really love the colorful soles, which turn up its style a notch! Need more? Well the hemp canvas is 'naturally antibacterial' & a 'moisture-wicker'. This obviously makes it that much more durable.

The Virgin Collection comes in four styles: two high tops and two low tops. You can purchase the shoes online from the OAT Shoes website for €140-150.

P.S: In January, the company won second prize at the Green Fashion Awards. Much deserved!

Make sure you grab yourselves a pair of Oats!

Anoud x


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