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Monday, 30 May 2011

Barcelona's New Eco-Friendly Kits

First of all, congratulations to Barcelona, the UEFA Champions League Winners 2011! While battling it out against Manchester United this Saturday, the Spanish football club showcased their skills and put on a great performance to secure their reign and defeat United to get the prestigious title and trophy.

Earlier this month, Barcelona unveiled their new kits for the upcoming season and there are major differences. First, the away kit is surprisingly all black. Also, the UNICEF logo, which is usually on the front, is now moved to the back and instead 'Qatar Foundation' is printed across the front of the shirt. Most importantly, the team's new kit is made from Nike's revolutionary recycled polyester.

'The kit is made up of up to thirteen reclaimed plastic water bottles. This new manufacturing process reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to manufacturing traditional polyester and saves nearly 100 million plastic water bottles from being dumped at landfill sites.'

Let's hope this starts a trend with all other football teams!

Anoud x


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