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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Introducing: The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS)

The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) was founded by a group of concerned and responsible individuals back in 1993 in aims of protecting Aqaba's degrading marine life. In August 1995, the JREDS established itself, under the Ministry of Interior, as the first and only non-governmental organisation dedicated to the preservation and protection of the marine ecosystem!

To achieve its goal of preventing the destruction of the Gulf of Aqaba, JREDS promotes sustainable management of natural marine resources, raises public awareness, encourages community participation and conducts environmental monitoring.

"Over the last decade, JREDS, with the support of its 250 members, a staff of 14 people, 3 international and 100s of local volunteers in Amman and in Aqaba, has developed and expanded its 3 programs areas, under which 16 projects and initiatives are currently operating."

JREDS' Objectives:
  1. To develop and implement marine conservation programs.
  2. To involve and empower the community in marine conservation efforts through education and awareness programs, with special emphasis on youth.
  3. To contribute to the efforts of sustainable use of the marine environment in Jordan through integrating environmental conservation with socio-economic development.
  4. To develop and implement environmental advocacy programs through networking with national, regional and global partners.
  5. To develop the institutional, technical and financial capacity of JREDS to maximize brand quality.

Check out JREDS online game in which you play a diver on a mission to discover the marine's many different fascinating creatures here. Such a great and fun way to raise awareness :)

Also be sure to check out their facebook page here and take a look at their albums and interesting pictures and facts about marine life. And if you are in Jordan and interested in volunteering sign up here.

JREDS logo by students in Aqaba.
JREDS newsletter.

For more information, please visit the JREDS website.

I sure will be volunteering as soon as I am back in Jordan! :)



Images:, jreds facebook page.

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