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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Green Eve Around Manchester

Hey guys! It's Anoud & Alyazia. So here's the story... Today we went down to the city centre after class since the weather was sunny, but very cold won't lie. Then, our usual hyperness kicked in and we decided to take random videos and show you guys around Manchester. I hope we won't regret this post but oh well this is us! Sorry for some parts of the video where you can barely hear us, but it was so windy, as you'll clearly see! So here goes, hope you enjoy :p

Green Eve xx


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT !! :D omg.. I miss Manchester, esp. the City Centre !! <3
Hala xxx

Anonymous said...

i want marks and spencer shortbread. i miss manch

Anonymous said...

loved the videoo :D :D (Y)

A.Tahlak ;)

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