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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Favourite Green Person of the Week

Jillian Granz

Well since the Academy Awards is soon approaching, I thought this post is appropriate!

This week's FGP is not a celebrity nor someone familiar to you all, but she really did earn this spot. I'm talking about Jillian Granz, the first winner of the 2010 Red Carpet Green Dress Contest, which is a contest started by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of director James Cameron. The contest requires designers to create a gown made from natural, organic, or recycled fabrics. Granz won with her proposal of a zero-waste gown made from Ahmisa silk which is 'derived from cocoons without killing the silkworms inside.' The dress (pictures below) is beautiful and appropriately blue, as Suzy wore it while accompanying her husband to the 2010 Oscars where Avatar won three Oscars. Jillian is a fashion student at Michigan State University and was just 21 when she designed the fabulous dress, wow!

P.S. Check out 'Red Carpet Green Dress' here.

Excited to see this year's winner!

Anoud x


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