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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stand With Egypt

'There are moments when history is written not by the powerful, but by people'

Over the past few days, millions of brave Egyptians have been fighting for freedom and for an end to tyranny from the hands of dictator Hosni Mubarak.  The military have filled the streets to make sure they control what Mubarak claims to be 'chaos' and to shut the protests down using violence. History WILL be made in the next coming days, and we can all be part of it. The actions of many ordinary but surely brave Egyptians in these hours will have a great impact on their country and on the Middle Eastern region and the World as well. 

We can all show our support of the Egyptian nation through signing this solidarity statement: 'We stand with the people of Egypt in their demand for freedom and basic rights, an end to the crackdown and internet blackout, and immediate democratic reform. We call on our governments to join us in our solidarity with the Egyptian people.'

Please sign and spread the support here.

And this is how you can be part of history. Avaaz' promise: The regime is attempting to starve the protest movement of two crucial sources of power: information and solidarity. But despite the internet blackout, Egyptian radios and satellite TVs can still receive broadcasts from across the border -- so Avaaz will work with broadcasters whose signals reach inside Egypt to circulate the number signatures on this statement of solidarity, along with messages of support from around the world for Egypt's people.

Make a difference,

Anoud x


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