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Friday, 7 January 2011

A Post For All the Skeptics

There are many global warming/climate change skeptics out there and I understand why there may be some of them. Those who are misinformed or have never really read the facts and understood the reality of the situation may think it's all talk and that there isn't enough evidence that it is really happening. This post is especially dedicated to those who believe that the scale of climate change is not sufficiently large to make immense changes to planet earth. So for those individuals, I recommend you watch these National Geographic videos below. It's a series of documentaries about what will happen to the world if the earth warms by 1 degree all the way through to 6 degrees. You may think that 6 degrees isn't much but the documentary proves that even 1 degree makes a DRASTC difference. Below are four videos, 3 Degrees Warmer, 4 Degrees Warmer, 5 Degrees Warmer, and 6 Degrees Warmer. Trust me, you NEED to watch these; each one is only about 2 minutes long so please do take the time to watch them. Your whole view will change... It's an eye opener of what is to come if nothing is done to control our environmentally harmful habits. You can also watch "Could Just One Degree Change the World?" here and  "2 Degrees Warmer: Ocean Life in Danger" here.

Scary, right? Well it's STILL not too late to prevent these changes from happening to this extent. Every little change done by each individual helps makes a change. Why should the future generations suffer from our actions? Don't they deserve to live in a beautiful harmonious place and experience all the things we are privileged to experience at this day and age? Don't be selfish... Do something to change this, take it one step at a time.

Anoud xo

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